Stampede 3D!

Test your dodge skills and try to survive the stampede! Make quick decisions on your feet to carefully path your way through the horde or use spells to hold your ground!
Brings casual arcade survival fun to a hardcore RPG format!

Face a range of enemy types that change how you play!
Use the environment to your advantage by triggering traps!
Level-Up and Upgrade your spells and abilities, unlock new characters!
Pick up game changing power ups!

  * 3 Unique playable characters
  * Many Varied Enemy types
  * Multiple World themes
  * Over 20 Levels to complete
  * 20 unlocks
  * Toon style 3D graphics

Created by Independent developers Flyleap Studios, the creators of Little Dragon 3D and Kingdoms Collide

App download is under 50mb, can be downloaded on mobile networks, no WiFi required!
Compatible with iPhone
® 3Gs, iPhone® 4, iPhone® 5, iPod touch® 4, iPod touch® 5, iPad®, iPad® 2, iPad® 3, iPad® 4 and iPad mini®

Play it NOW on iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®

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