Greenlight Page is LIVE!

We have just published our profile on Steam Greenlight, please show us some support and up-vote it HERE!

Along with this we have made public a couple of new trailers that I have spent the last few weeks making, Check them out;

It’s been a ton of work getting these made but it’s all finally out there for the public to enjoy/ridicule!

As you may have picked up from the gameplay trailer we have started adding in a few spells to the game, you can expect an update on those soon!

2 thoughts on “Greenlight Page is LIVE!

  1. Hey I was wondering if you guys are going to add like local splitscreen or like a keyboard and one controller support. So I could play matches with my friends on one computer. Anything like that? And the game is looking so amazing guys! 😀 Can’t wait for the alpha!!

    • Yeah we are planning to add that, it already supports controllers pretty well but the split screen will be a bit of work.
      Hopefully we can get some time to add it soon, but we’re now support busy on getting the game ready for Steam

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